Who We Are
The author of this website is Pat Rojas, real estate and investment broker for over 35 years. Author of 2 books and financial freedom through stewardship seminars for over 20 years. Pat has personally witnessed numerous miracles in his financial walk with Christ. Pat & Sally have been married for close to 40 years, have four children (all four finishing college) that have brought 7 grand kids into the family.

Miracles in Christian Finances

Miracles in Christian Finances website was designed to boost, encourage, train, motivate and inspire believers in Christ to walk a faith walk.

Our Miracles in Christian finances is a 5 CD series chronicling past businesses that were borderline bankrupt and owners that were on their last financial & physical legs.

It will encourage + inspire you to believe the Lord of our finances. Luke 6:38

Application: Order today, believe series + trust then watch God work.

Results: Financial Freedom

King David's Fighting Philosophy

King David's Fighting Philosophy: Layman's Martial Arts Crash Course By Christian black belt instructor & 2 tour of duty, 1st division U.S Marine

Skillful Living

An everyday manual to live and react skillfully to everyday surprises and situations

Skillful Real Estate Sales Manual


  1. Benefits & Educate
  2. Motivation & Encouragement
  3. Overcoming Objections
  4. Commitment
  5. Interview & Close

How to Earn $10 Million Dollars By Working a Real Estate Farm!

Benefits of Farming:
Obtain Listings, Trust, Buyers, Investors, Referrals, Tenants, Exercise, Friendship's, Selling Investments, Non-Owner Occupied, Motivational , Tapes, Expired, FsBo's, Earn while you learn, Plantings, Sowing, Reaping an Abundant Harvest, Desire, Discipline, Delight

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